Problem Solving

Problem – Your organization needs a full time Marketing Director. You are seeking a professional with experience in: direct marketing, campaign planning and execution, experience and expertise in web, social, and mobile trends, as well as a mindset for both developing and executing at the strategic and tactical level.

After an extensive (and sometimes costly) search, you’re chagrinned to learn that your needs are not only difficult to meet but the “perfect” candidate is much more expensive than you initially thought.

Finally, you “bite the bullet” and hire a new six-figure Marketing Director expecting action and fast results. Your new Marketing Director interprets the hire to mean your company is serious about marketing, and expects a serious budget. He is quickly frustrated by the reluctance of C-suite to invest significant money into Marketing. (C-suite feels that their investment in the marketing director should in and of itself produce the results.) Things get worse as the Marketing Director is focused on forming a strategy, while you’re expecting execution and results!

As a focused marketing strategy languishes in the frustration, miscommunication and mistrust between the Marketing Director and the C-Suite, sales and marketing remain detached and market share suffers.


A Better Way

In need of an actionable and comprehensive marketing strategy you hire an expert marketing consulting firm for a fraction of the cost of a full time marketing director. The firm brings expertise in a wide variety of marketing and remains up to date on the latest trends and technology.

The firm develops and delivers a strategy and tactical plan to meet corporate objectives as well as recommendations on in-house, as well as outsourcing execution of the plan. Your current staff can execute the plan or M2 can consult on hiring the right cost-effect marketing team.

Your company is able to begin executing an actionable plan to achieve real market results in a shorter time, and for a significantly less cost.