What We Do

“Prescription before diagnosis is malpractice”.

Our model: Diagnose – Prescribe – Treat

We start each engagement with extensive research into your company, your industry, your competitors, and your market. Next we meet with your staff to learn the specific opportunities and challenges they face on a daily basis. Finally, we meet with executive staff to review the organizational mission, vision, and goals in order to complete the initial research for our diagnosis.

Our prescriptions are based on the qualitative and quantitative research we performed as well as the extensive expertise of our team. At the heart of our prescription plan is clarity. We provide a precise road map that links organizational mission, and vision, to strategic goals, to tactical and operational objectives. Strengths, opportunities, and real time challenges are addressed with clarity and consistency.

Mission / Vision / Goals / Objectives

Throughout our “diagnose”, and “prescribe” steps we are consistently seeking the best opportunities for market growth. Market engagement tactics flow directly from these identified opportunities and it is all synthesized into a clear actionable plan. The plan speaks directly to message, market, media, and appropriate and realistic budget.

Like any sound practitioner we are available at all levels to assist with the implementation of the plan. From monthly visits, to quarterly “check-ups”, to annual assessments, we remain engaged at whatever level you request.

Since strategic planning, by definition, consists of multi-year contingency planning, we continue to seek the newest and best opportunities and remain available to you in your market on an on-going basis.